Our Story Through Poetry

Our Story Through Poetry
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How was Singapore like 50 years, 200 years or even 1000 years ago? This Children’s Season, let’s investigate and reimagine our past through poetry. Led by poet and performer Deborah Emmanuel, we will start the workshop with simple poetry approaches and ideas in the setting of NUS Museum’s Radio Malaya: Abridged Conversations About Art exhibition. Participants will then get a chance to write their very own poem and interpret them in their own unique ways through some crafts!

Age Group: 7 years – 12 years
Fee: $25/per parent-child pair. Limited to 15 pairs of parent and child per session. (Minimum of 7 pairs to proceed.)

Event Information

Our Story Through Poetry

Start date: 9/6/18 14:00
End date: 9/6/18 17:00

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