Orchid Extravaganza Floral Display

Orchid Extravaganza Floral Display
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Singapore’s award-winning filmmaker Royston Tan lends his creative touch to Orchid Extravaganza with a floral tribute to the multicultural heritage of Singapore. Set amidst a vivid backdrop of Peranakan shophouses, this year’s orchid display exudes a unique local flavour that celebrates Singapore’s melting pot of cultures. More than 14,000 orchids of over 120 varieties will be featured in a profusion of colours inspired by the vibrant hues of local delights and quintessential items, while clouds of overhanging orchids conjure up images of the smells and smoke that waft through the kitchen.

Event Information

Orchid Extravaganza Floral Display

Start date: 13/7/18 9:00
End date: 22/8/18 21:00

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