Orchid Extravaganza

Orchid Extravaganza
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Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, Singapore has gone through a dramatic metamorphosis to become the vibrant metropolis of today.

This year, the “Orchid Extravaganza” floral display tells the story of Singapore using the analogy of a butterfly’s life cycle. Stunning orchids in myriad shapes and colours will fill a landscape depicting the stages of a butterfly’s growth, including a ‘Chrysalis’ structure in the main Flower Field.

Visitors can look forward to seeing a diverse collection of orchids including Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Dendrobium, Grammatophyllum and many others. There will also be a sculpture of 52 butterflies – in celebration of Singapore’s 52nd National Day – in the shape of Singapore. This floral display is put together by award-winning garden designer Peter Cheok, who has received numerous accolades for his works including at the Singapore Garden Festival and Ellerslie International Flower Show in New Zealand.

Location: Flower Dome
Details: Admission charge to the conservatories applies.


Event Information

Orchid Extravaganza

Start date: 14/7/17 9:00
End date: 20/8/17 21:00

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