Orchestral Manoeuvres: ArtScience Museum’s New Exhibition Opens 28 August 2021

Hannah Perry, Rage Fluids, 2021, sound installation.
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Kandlhofer
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A space where sound and art come together, ArtScience Museum’s new exhibition, Orchestral Manoeuvres: See Sound. Feel Sound. Be Sound is opening on 28 August. Orchestral Manoeuvres features over 32 artists and composers from eight countries, who explore sound through sculpture, installation and music.

Orchestral Manoeuvres at Art Science Museum

Christine Sun Kim, The Sound of Gravity Doing its Thing, 2017.
Courtesy of the artist and WHITE SPACE, BEIJING.

Featuring the work of some of the world’s leading artists, visitors taken on an auditory and visual journey through the various sound art projects, noise-making sculptures, video installations, contemporary artworks and more in this exhibition. The exhibition also invites visitors to tune in, listen deeply, feel the vibrations and create a personal soundtrack as they journey through a sonic landscape.

The Orchestral Manoeuvres is presented in nine galleries and is curated by Adrian George, Director of Exhibitions at ArtScience Museum, with Amita Kirpalani, Curator at ArtScience Museum. The nine galleries are: Resonance, Performing Objects, Writing Sound, Inner Voice, Unheard, Choral, Playlist, and Auto-Tune

The Forty Part Motet by Janet Cardiff at Orchestral Manoeuvres

Janet Cardiff, The Forty Part Motet (A reworking of “Spem in Alium,” by Thomas Tallis 1556), 2001. Collection of Pamela and Richard Kramlich. Fractional and Promised Gift to The American Fund for the Tate Gallery. Installation view. Musée d'Art Contemporain, Montreal 2002.
Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New

One of the key highlights is a presentation of the landmark artwork, The Forty Part Motet by Canadian artist Janet Cardiff, which will be showing for the first time in Southeast Asia. On loan from Tate, UK and the Kramlich Collection, USA, visitors can appreciate this artistic innovation as it offers a deeply moving 40-part surround-sound experience of a classical choral performance.

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Each singer’s voice is recorded separately and emanating from its own speaker. Listeners are encouraged to move carefully around the work to experience intimate connections with individual and group voices or in the middle to bathe in the glorious music and exquisite voices.

Local and International artists in Orchestral Manoeuvres

Samson Young, Muted Situation #5: Muted Chorus, 2016, production still. Instruction score, single channel video with sound, 9 min 7 sec. Performed by Hong Kong Voices.
Image courtesy
of the artist and Edouard Malingue Gallery. Photo: Dennis Man Wing Leung.

Other artists featured in the Orchestral Manoeuvres exhibition include artists such as Song-Ming Ang and Zul Mahmod from Singapore, Carsten Nicolai from Germany, Yoko Ono from Japan/USA and many more.

“It is not a concert. It is not a performance. It is not a lecture. It is instead a complex soundscape, with different stories and voices overlapping as visitors make their way through the galleries. We hope the experience of visiting Orchestral Manoeuvres will inspire our visitors to feel differently about sound and music,” said Honor Harger, Executive Director of ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

Tickets and reservations to Orchestral Manoeuvres

Tickets to Orchestral Manoeuvres are available for purchase from 10 August at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and its website. Visitors are strongly encouraged to pre-purchase tickets online before their visit due to limits in venue capacity and timed entry to the exhibition.


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