Octoburst! 2017: Boats

Santa’s Little Helper Flyer
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All aboard! Set sail on colourful vessels that become adventurous play space. Depart from Esplanade Courtyard Green and navigate through urban seascapes in search of safe harbour.

Join the Boats crew on their Asian premiere this Octoburst!

Date & Time
6 – 8 Oct
10.30am, 4pm & 5.30pm

Esplanade Courtyard Green

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1 hour

Suitable for all ages.


Migration of peoples has been happening for centuries, and through play, it brings us back to a realisation that many countries, including Singapore, are nations of immigrants.

Boats is inspired by the stories and experiences of children in Braybrook, Melbourne, who, together with their families, were asylum seekers. These children already have a dramatic relationship with the sea and with the idea of arrival at a strange land.

Through their drawings, ideas and play, Polyglot artists create a joyous but thought-provoking response to what is a fraught and current situation across the globe.

Event Information

Octoburst! 2017: Boats

Start date: 6/10/17 0:00
End date: 8/10/17 23:59

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