National Day Parade Celebrations 2020: What You Should Know

NDP 2020: 5 Things You Need to Know
Image: NDP2020 website
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Unsurprisingly, this year’s National Day Parade is going to be different from previous years. With the theme Together A Stronger Singapore, NDP 2020 will feature new takes on traditional favourites and activities which will take place across the country.

Here are some things to know about National Day Parade 2020.

1. Three Parts to the National Day Celebrations 2020

NDP 2020 Celebrations
Image: NDP2020 website

This year’s NDP celebrations will feature three parts and stretch from morning till evening. The morning is themed Strength of Our Nation. It will include a parade at the Padang and focus on Singapore’s history and traditions.

The second segment is being held in the afternoon with the theme of Active Participation by Singaporeans. The day will end off with an Evening Show.

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2. NDP Favourites Around the Island

Red Lions - Singapore National Day Celebrations 2020
Image: NDP2020 website

Each year, some of the National Day Parade highlights include the fly past and the Red Lions parachutists.

For NDP 2020, you don’t need to be at the Padang to experience them.

Instead, the “Fly Our Flag” aerial display which displays the State Flag and “Roar of Unity” display by F-15SG fighter jets will take place in the skies across the island. The Red Lions will also be appearing at the heartlands.

In addition, a mobile column will also make its way across Singapore and there will be Maritime Sailpast as well.

3. NDP 2020 Funpack for Households

This year will see the NDP2020 Funpack distributed to every Singaporean and Singapore PR household. It will include items such as pledge cards and handheld flags.

To involve more Singaporeans, the afternoon segment will involve activities that Singapore can do from home. These include cooking, workout and art & craft activities, amongst others.

4. Indoor Evening Show

This year will also mark the first time that an NDP show will be held indoors in the evening. The venue for the show will be The Star Performing Arts Centre. It will feature smaller group items with performers comprising of both everyday Singaporeans and local celebrities. Look out for NDP Virtual Choir too. The NDP 2020 evening show will end off with a Pledge Moment.

5. Fireworks At Different Locations Around the Island

Heartland Fireworks
Image: NDP 2020 website

As is tradition, fireworks will also feature as part of the celebrations. This year, it will be held at least 10 different locations around Singapore. This is to allow Singaporeans to view the fireworks from their homes.

For more information, visit the NDP 2020 website.

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