Nature Appreciation Walk at Lower Peirce

Octoburst 2016 Little Red Riding Hood
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Re-discover the wonders of Lower Peirce through this nature appreciation guided walk. Along the shady, cool boardwalk,  discover and learn about the amazing plants & animals that can be found along the trails. Keep an eye out for pitcher plants, Macaranga (Ant-plant) and Nibong palms as well as macaques and on lucky days we might even get spot the Flying lemur (Colugo) in action. Gain a greater appreciation of Singapore’s rich natural heritage and the need to protect it for our future generations.

Location of Guided Walk : Lower Peirce Board Walk (Entrance of Hevea Trail)

Meeting point: Directions to be specified in confirmation email after registration

Registration is compulsory.

Participation is free. Maximum of 15 participants in the group.






Event Information

Nature Appreciation Walk at Lower Peirce

Start date: 17/9/16 9:30
End date: 17/9/16 11:00

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