National Geographic’s Ocean Wonders

National Geographic's Ocean Wonders
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Come on down to the world’s 1st National Geographic Ocean Wonders event featuring the Ocean Record Breakers exhibition, Marine Photography Adventure and the National Geographic Ocean Exploration Children’s Workshop, Singapore’s only marine science and maritime exploration children’s workshop. See our new marine resident, the Sand Tiger Sharks in S.E.A. Aquarium!

Ocean Record Breakers
Visit National Geographic’s 1st Ocean Record Breakers exhibition in the world and discover record-breaking marine animals, like the largest, fastest and heaviest. Also try your hand at quizzes!

Marine Photography Adventure
Be inspired by the pros and take Insta-worthy images of animals like the Sand Tiger Shark, Poison Arrow Frog and Seahorse – even without a fancy underwater camera! Learn top tips, explore the aquarium and submit your images to our photography competition.

National Geographic Ocean Exploration Children’s Workshop
At Singapore’s first-ever marine science and maritime exploration children’s workshop (ideal for kids aged 7 – 12), learning comes alive as kids immerse in interactive edutainment through fun, hands-on activities, exciting learning sessions and more!


Event Information

National Geographic’s Ocean Wonders

Start date: 10/3/18 0:00
End date: 20/5/18 23:59

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