Mob-Proms: Land of Hope & Glory

Mid-Autumn Serenades
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The main theme of this concert is based on ALL-THINGS ENGLISH, since Traditional English Handbell Ringing originated from the British Isles 400 years ago. Our concert will transport audiences to the land where English Handbells originated from, and how music evolved in the western world and influencing our tastes in musical arts.

This concert combines together a very talented group of young musicians & professional artistes, bringing the audience through a grand & celebratory concert similar to the finale of the annual BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall annually. The MOB-Proms however, is fronted by Traditional English Handbells (Ministry of Bellz), combined with cockney-speaking emcee (linking the different song titles), dance, Shakespeare poems, singing (solo/choir/massed singing), pipe organ, plus audience participation, multimedia & sensory experiences (lights-sounds-touch-hear-sight-movement). This multi-disciplinary & sensory-experience, helmed by the handbells, will be a refreshing experience for our local audience.

Tickets available through SISTIC.


Event Information

Mob-Proms: Land of Hope & Glory

Start date: 24/6/17 19:30
End date: 24/6/17 21:00

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