MindChamps PreSchool Welcome Day: Celebrating 10 Years of Nurturing MindChampions

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Want to know what makes MindChamps PreSchool the number one choice* of preschool for Singapore parents?

Here, we share 10 amazing reasons why mums and dads trust us for their child’s early learning education – and why you should register your child at a MindChamps PreSchool centre near you!

  1. MindChamps PreSchool has been passionately nurturing children aged 18 months to 6 years old for a decade– and we take pride in providing the best head start in education during the early years.
  2. Our education and life philosophy of 100% respect and zero fearnurtures your child to develop the characteristics of a confident, young Champion.
  3. MindChamps PreSchool’s unique curriculum and cutting-edge pedagogyis thoughtfully designed based on the results of 15 years of research and developmentin the three domains of Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre.
  4. Your child will go through the proprietary core and enrichment programmesspecially designed by MindChamps that will equip them with foundation skills that are necessary during the early years.
  5. Also included in our curriculum is the MindChamps Reading & Writing programmewhich will develop the love of reading in your child and build up their confidence in writing.
  6. We are the ONLY preschoolto collaborate with world-renowned neuroscientist, Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder, to instill the Champion Mindset in children.
  7. And because of that, it is our mission to nurture every child to be confident, to be uniquely themselves and to be the best that they can be.
  8. All MindChamps teachers– regardless of their experience and qualification – will undergo up to 200 hours of training and accreditation. This helps to equip them with the skills and knowledge to deliver our curriculum effectively.
  9. You can be assured that your child’s mind is nurtured by only the best, as the MindChamps-trained teacher leads their imagination to inspire them to be creative and confident life-long learners.
  10. Armed with the Champion Mindset and the love of reading and writing, all MindChamps PreSchoo graduates are fully-equipped to handle the primary school curriculumin both local and international schools with ease.

10-Year Special Promotion

Welcome Day Banner LDO 728x90px 01Enrol your child during our Welcome Day to enjoy the following perks worth up to $1,960:

  • 10% savings on school fees for 9 months
  • $150 worth of starter kit

Offer ends 30 June 2018

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Check out http://join.mindchampspreschool.org for the list of participating centres.

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Event Information

MindChamps PreSchool Welcome Day: Celebrating 10 Years of Nurturing MindChampions

Start date: 26/5/18 0:00
End date: 30/6/18 23:59

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