Limelight: Nan Hua High School Symphonic Band

West Winds In Concert 2019 - Festival - A Musical Extravaganza
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Nan Hua Symphonic Band comprises of members from various countries and backgrounds. Places that we would like to go to, have been to, or come from, are of significance to our lives and our hearts. Putting our experiences and memories together, Nan Hua Symphonic Band presents Places of Our Hearts.

Admission for ages 6 and above.

Ticket price: $13

Bringing the arts to communities in need through Limelight
Half of the ticket proceeds will go toward supporting Esplanade’s community engagement programmes which bring the arts to at-risk youth, the elderly, people with special needs and other underserved communities.

Event Information

Limelight: Nan Hua High School Symphonic Band

Start date: 28/2/19 19:30
End date: 28/2/19 21:00

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