Let’s Lepak at Mount Faber 1 Oct

Let's Lepak at Mount Faber 1 Oct
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Family fun is afoot during Let’s Lepak at Mount Faber, an event which sees Mount Faber Loop going car-free and playing host to a myriad of fun-filled workshops, performances, and nostalgic interactive games.

This edition also features the popular activity of Orienteering, a sport where runners have to find their way across terrains with the aid of a map and compass, utilising both navigation and map reading skills.

The Orienteering activity is between 4 pm – 6:30 pm and starts from Mount Faber Loop. Each participant is challenged to complete all ten checkpoints, with an opportunity to win prizes upon completion of the event.

To register for the Orienteering activity, please download the ActiveSG App and search for ‘Orienteering @ Mount Faber 2016 – 1St Oct’.


Event Information

Let’s Lepak at Mount Faber 1 Oct

Start date: 1/10/16 16:00
End date: 1/10/16 19:00

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