Kaesac Learning Centre’s Nov/Dec 2018 Holiday Workshops

Kaesac coding games workshop
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Fun workshops for the school holidays!

With a wide variety of workshops available, children are sure to find one they’ll love. There’s STEAM-based Maker Factory Workshops (MakerSaurus, Crazy Contraption, Speedy Racer and AirMazing), TECH-based Robotics (Robo Missions & Robo Olympics) and Coding (Game-Maker). Each programme aims to equip kids with skills while having a great time!



Our Maker Factory holiday workshops focus on taking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education beyond the classroom to spark a child’s interest in these areas through exploration and discovery.  Kids are introduced to thematic concepts as they build projects, conduct experiments and take part in a variety of science activities.

20 – 23 November 2018, 9:30 am – 12 pm
Discover how to combine different wacky contraptions into one big awesome machine!

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Participants will build:
– Quintopple & Dominoes
 Elevator Ramps
– Seesaw Ramps
 Zig Zag Ramps
– Pulley Bucket

27 – 30 November 2018, 9:30 am – 12 pm
Get creative and make your very own toys!

Participants will build:
– A Super Crossbow
– A Flag Waver
– A Dragon Flyer
– ArtBot
– Whistling Bot

4 – 7 December 2018, 9:30 am – 12 pm OR
11 & 12 December 2018, 9:30 am – 4 pm
Construct a walking dinosaur from scratch!

Participants will:
– Build a walking dinosaur
– Learn about Ice Age
– Create snow
– Examine the Earth’s Crust

4 – 7 December 2018, 1:30 pm – 4 pm
Pump up your adrenalin and get into speed in this workshop as you build some amazing speedy machines!

Participants will build:
– A Sonic Bug House
– A Catapult
– A Boomerang
– A Hydraulic Claw

4 – 7 December 2018, 1:30 pm – 4 pm
Learn about the power of AIR as you build your own Air-Powered Machines!

Participants will build:
A Projectile Launcher
A Monocopter
– A Spud Rocket
– A Balloon Powered Racer
– A Hang Glider

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Kaesac robotics workshop

Why Robotics?   Playing with robotics actually allows children to develop skills in observation, reasoning, prediction, critical thinking and problem-solving.  Participants in our workshops will learn how to program using simple graphical language.  They will be introduced to robotics components and concepts, establishes the building blocks to design, build and program robotics projects.

27 – 30 November 2018, 9:30 am – 12 pm OR
4 – 7 December 2018, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
This workshop delves into programming concepts involving sensors.  Participants will not only learn programming, they will be challenged to use their programming knowledge and skills to plan and problem-solve various challenges assigned to them.

20 – 23 November 2018, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
A great workshop that encourages participants’ use of their creativity, critical-thinking skills and team-building skills.  They will be assigned various missions, their challenge – to plan and programme their robot to complete the tasks.

4 – 7 December 2018, 1 pm – 4 pm
Looking for some excitement?  This workshop will pump up participants’ adrenalin as they plan, design, code and compete in a series of heart-stopping sports – with their robots of course!

*Robotics workshops participants will get to bring home their robot at the end of the workshop. LEGO parts not included.

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Kaesac coding games workshop

Learn how to code your very own video games by using just some simple blocks!  Participants will each be given a Game Maker set to create their games.  All participants will get to bring home their Game Maker set at the end of the workshop.

20 – 23 November 2018, 1:30 pm – 4 pm OR
11 & 12 December 2018, 9:30 pm – 4 pm
Enjoy playing with computer games?  Imagine how cool it will be to be able to create your very own games to play on your iPad or any Android tablets. No coding experience required. All you need is to bring your own iPad or any Android tablet & be ready to become a Game Designer, GUARANTEED success!

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To learn more, visit us: https://holidayprogrammes.wixsite.com/funworkshops
Tel: 6478 1228 (Marine Parade)


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Kaesac Learning Centre’s Nov/Dec 2018 Holiday Workshops

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