Kaesac Learning Centre Year-End Holiday Workshops 2017

Kaesac robotics workshop
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Experiment it. Build it. Code it.

Learn and have fun! That’s our goal for the workshops! Introduce your child to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), ignite his or her interests and be amazed how much he or she can achieve from a young age!

Let your child be WOW at our workshops! 

All our STEM Holiday Programmes are suitable for kids aged between 7 – 12 years.

Early Bird Special: Take $20.00 off all workshops* from now till 5 Nov 2017. (*Applicable for Science, Robotics & Coding workshops only.)

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A) Cool Science Workshops (For ages 7-12)

Our Science holiday workshops focus on taking Science education beyond the classroom to spark a child’s interest in the world of science through exploration and discovery.  They reinforce the five core knowledge areas: Life Science, Physics, Chemistry, Space/Earth Science and Technology.  Children are introduced to thematic concepts as they build projects, conduct experiments and take part in a variety of science activities.

Kaesac flying machines science workshopAirMazing Flying Machines
4 – 7 Dec 2017, 9.30am – 12pm

Up, up and away!  In this fun-filled flight workshop, children will explore and learn all about what it takes to fly.

Highlights include:
– building and flying a Powerup motorised plane
– building a Hovercraft
– making and flying a Dragon Flyer
– making and testing a Boomerang Plane

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Kaesac racers science workshopRadical Racers
4 – 7 Dec 2017, 1.30pm – 4pm

In this exciting workshop, children will explore the engineering of motion!

Highlights include:
– building seven different racers
– discovering how wheels can overcome friction
– experiment and learn Newton’s Laws of Motion

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B) Coding Workshops (For ages 7-12)

Ever wonder how computer games are created?  Knowing how to code can open up doors to many important areas of the future.  Many people think that coding is a secret language; it is not!  Coding is for everyone!

During the school holidays, we conduct workshops to introduce participants to the basic skills for coding games that can be shared with others.  They will learn to code real apps that work on gadgets like phones and tablets. 

Kaesac coding games workshopDesign & Code Video Games (Bloxels
11 – 14 Dec 2017, 9.30am – 12pm 

Learn how to code your very own video game by using just some simple blocks!    Participants will each be given a Game Maker set to create their games.  All participants will get to bring home the Game Maker set at the end of the workshop.

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Kaesac coding games workshopDesign & Code Arcade Games
4 – 7 December 2017, 1.30pm – 4pm
11 – 14 December 2017, 1.30pm – 4pm

Rather than just playing video games on the iPad or Android devices, wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to create and design your own game from start to finish?

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C) Challenging Robotics Workshops (For ages 7-12)

Why Robotics? Playing with robotics actually allows children to develop skills in observation, reasoning, prediction, critical thinking and problem-solving.  In our school holidays robotics workshops, ideally for children aged 9 and above, children learn how to program using simple graphical language.  They will then put their skills to test undertaking robotics projects and challenges set by the instructor.

*** All participants will get to bring home their robot at the end of the workshop! ***

Kaesac robotics workshopRobo Sense
4 – 7 December 2017, 9.30am – 12.30pm   (For students aged 7 – 9)

Robo Sense delves into programming concepts involving sensors. Participants will not only learn programming, they will be challenged to use their programming knowledge and skills to plan and problem-solve various challenges assigned to them.

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Kaesac robotics workshopRobo Missions
11 – 14 December 2017, 9.30am – 12.30pm   (For students ages 10 – 14)
* For P1 – P3 students to join this workshop, they must have completed the Robo Explorer workshop or have other prior programming experience.

In Robo Missions, participants will be assigned various missions. Their challenge is to use the programming knowledge and skills they have learned to plan and complete the missions.  A great workshop that encourages the participants’ creativity, critical-thinking and team-building skills!

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Event Information

Kaesac Learning Centre Year-End Holiday Workshops 2017

Start date: 20/11/17 0:00
End date: 14/12/17 23:59

GIVEAWAY: Stand to Win a Pair of Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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