Climbing Towers In The Neighbourhood: Jurong East Street 24 Playground

Jurong East Street 24 Playground
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Surrounded by HDB apartment blocks at Jurong East Street 24 is an impressive children’s playground, not far from Yuhua Village.

High Towers & Climbing Nets

High Towers & Climbing Nets

The most prominent feature of the Jurong East Street 24 playground is the high, netted play structure. Green pylons hold little huts up in the air. These towering, brown aerial huts are interconnected with a series of netted bridges.

Intrepid kids can climb up a cargo net to reach the hut and venture out on to the netted bridge to get from pylon to pylon.

High Towers & Climbing Nets at Jurong East Street 24

Getting back down is much easier. There are yellow tubular slides attached to the huts at the two ends of the high playground structure. One spirals quickly downwards while the other stretches out provides a more gently sloped exit from the play structure.

Other Equipment at the Jurong East Street 24 Playground

Play Equipment at the Jurong East Street 24 Playground

The Jurong East Street 24 playground also has a low orange climbing net. This allows kids who aren’t ready to graduate to the higher climbing structure to still have fun at the playground.

Swings in the neighbourhood

A variety of swings, from a long rope swing, to a spinning disc swing and regular ones can also be found at the neighbourhood playground.

Ship playground

Toddlers are not forgotten either. There is a blue and yellow ship-themed play structure with elements such as a slide and low climbing apparatus at the playground too.

Ant and Ladybird Playground at Jurong East

Ant playground in Jurong

A short distance away from the main playground, there is another smaller one with an ant play structure for younger children.

Ladybird climbing frame

This is accompanied by a little ladybird climbing frame, similar to the type found at Everspring Park in Yishun.

Where is the Jurong East Street 24 Playground

The Jurong East Street 24 Playground, close to the Yuhua neighbourhood, dates back to 2017. The main playground can be found in between Blocks 250 and 248, Jurong East Street 24.

The ant and ladybird playgrounds can be found in front of Block 251 Jurong East Street 24.


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