Jurong Bird Park The Singing Forest

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Songbirds are highly sought after by the illegal trade for their beautiful melodies to feed a decades-old Southeast Asian culture of songbird-keeping, to the point of nearextinction for some species.

This June, bring the whole family to Jurong Bird Park where some of these critically endangered songbird species still thrive, listen to their songs and appreciate why these birds must be protected.

Enter an immersive audio-visual experience and understand more about the reality of a ‘silent forest’, a world where songbirds no longer exist. Join an intimate tour led by our friendly avian keepers, who will showcase five critically-endangered songbirds: Bali Myna, Black-winged Starling, Greater Green Leafbird, Blue-crowned Laughing-thrush and Straw-headed Bulbul.

There will be craft and storytelling activities to enthrall and educate the young ones, and even a birdwatching trail with limited edition pins to be won.

Event Information

Jurong Bird Park The Singing Forest

Start date: 1/6/19 0:00
End date: 30/6/19 23:59

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