I Theatre’s Gingerbread Man Printable Activity Sheets

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Are your kids good at following instructions? Well, a Little Old Man in I Theatre’s production of The Gingerbread Man wasn’t really good at that all. And that turned out to be a recipe for disaster.

Just what exactly happens in this live re-telling this time when The Gingerbread Man returns? It may be a tasty story we all know well, but it has been re-worked and frosted with valuable lessons for all ages.

Catch I Theatre’s upcoming theatre production of The Gingerbread Man, taking place from 5 to 10 May 2015, at PJ Live Arts in Kuala Lumpur and from 20 May to 7 June 2015, at Jubilee Hall in Singapore.

In conjunction with the upcoming production, Little Day Out is happy to present The Gingerbread Man Printable Activity Sheets. Let your children have a fun and engaging time with these printable activity sheets to complete the theatre experience either before or after the show!

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Be sure to book your tickets and download The Gingerbread Man printable as part of a larger I Theatre 15th Anniversary pack today.



Date: 5 to 10 May 2015
PJ Live Arts, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 20 May to 7 June 2015
Venue: Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Recommended for: 3 to 13 year olds and families
Duration: 50 minutes with no interval

Script & Lyrics: Brian Seward
Directed By: Brian Seward
Music composed by: Bang Wenfu
Music Arranged and Directed by: Bang Wenfu
Cast: Alecia Kim Chua, Daphne Ong, Jo Tan, Faizal Abdullah, Hang Qian Chou
Choreographer: Cathy Kee
Set Designer: Wai Yin Kwok
Costume Designer: Brian Seward
Costume Realisation: Joanne Ng Mui Huang

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website www.sistic.com.sg
SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide.

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