The Ant and The Grasshopper Review

I Theatre's The Ant and the Grasshopper
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Little Day Out reviewer, Wai Ling, attended I Theatre’s opening theatre production of the 2017 season. Read her The Ant and The Grasshopper review below.  

The Ant and The Grasshopper Review

We all know the importance of keeping traditions. Yet to be able to pass the gems of the past to future generations, we sometimes have to be prepared to make changes to keep them relevant to the times.

The Ant and The Grasshopper 2017 by I TheatreThis is what I Theatre has done with the classic fable, The Ant and The Grasshopper.

On top of the original themes of preparing for the future and balancing between work and play, I Theatre’s version of The Ant and The Grasshopper tackles themes on embracing of change and the appreciation of the arts. These are topics that will resonate with families in Singapore, especially with increased recognition of the need for a more holistic educational model in today’s society.

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More Characters, More Sides to the Story

In addition to the title characters of the Ant and the Grasshopper, I Theatre has also enlisted the help of other insects you can expect to encounter in the garden to tell the story. This allows for a richer, multi-faceted tale.

Bee 1 and Bee 2Opening the show are zany bees, Bee 1 and Bee 2. With their high-energy, applause-seeking performances, the bees light up the stage, bringing fun and laughter to the audience.

Nessa the Caterpillar, I Theatre's The Ant and the GrasshopperNessa the Caterpillar is another interesting addition to the storyline. The short-limbed character’s complaint of growing fat was the perfect excuse for getting us all to stand up and exercise with the cast. Nessa is a key character in conveying the theme of dealing with changes in life.

Lady Co CoLast but not least, Lady Ga… oops, Lady Co Co the Ladybird injects some diva-infused humour.

Seamless Music

The Ant and the Grasshopper ReviewThis being a musical, songs and choreographed dances make up a good portion of the show. The main character, Criminy the Grasshopper, plays the ukulele ‘live’ for the smaller numbers. For some song segments, his ukulele playing flows smoothly into and out of pre-recorded music, serenading the audience with a seamless stream of music.

Beautiful Set, Creative Props

The set is a majestic and straightforward depiction of nature’s visual cues of seasonal change. For kids living in all-year sunny Singapore who may not have experienced all of the four seasons, the set allows them to be awed by the beauty of nature while learning useful lessons.

I was particularly impressed by the use of decorated umbrellas to simulate flowers blooming in spring. It was like watching a time-lapse video of flowers opening up to display their full beauty.

The Ant and The Grasshopper Review Summary

From the set to the songs and the script, everything works together to paint a positive story. The new dimensions added by I Theatre to this gem of the past make The Ant and The Grasshopper a very apt choice for young minds.

The Ant and The Grasshopper will be playing till 19 March 2017 at the SOTA Drama Theatre. Recommended for 3 year olds and up.

Tickets are available from SISTIC.

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