How To Have An Animal Safari At Home (With Printable Template)

How To Have An Animal Safari At Home (With Printable Template)
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Kids love animals. So why not let them have some fun by organising an animal safari at home.

Prepare some animal print outs, hide them around the house and your kids can spend some time going in search of them on their own personal animal safari.

Preparing the Animal Safari at Home

How to organise Animal Safari at Home

To prepare the animals for the safari, you can choose to either draw them out, or you can use the templates that we have prepared below. As a bonus, you can also get the kids to colour in the animal safari print outs from the template that we have available.

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In a real safari, you would normally be driven around in search of animals by a game keeper. You and your kids would be on an expedition to view lions, giraffes, elephants and more.

In this DIY animal safari that you are setting up at home, you will have to take on the role of the game keeper. Hide the paper animals in locations like bookshelves, behind the television and in other nooks and crannies around your home.

You can choose to make it as easy or as challenging as you wish. Just be sure to keep make the spots safe.

We would suggest having a mix of easy to spot animals and some that are harder to locate.

Setting the Scene

You can also set the scene for the animal safari at home by reading a book about animals.

Some books you can read include:

Let’s Explore Safari
Where Is My Coat?: Jungle Animals
Garden Jungle
Touch & Explore Safari

Animal Safari Template

Animal Safari Template

Get our downloadable, free template of animals to get started on your own animal safari hunt at home. Print it out, colour each of the animals and then hide them around home.

We’ve included not just African animals but animals from other regions as well. There are a total of 12 animals. With these, you can have a multi-themed safari. Have fun!

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