How Children Can Be Creative Critical Thinkers

Faber-Castell Art Festival 2019
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Do you know that creativity and critical thinking are two qualities that your child’s future employer will expect from him/her? As the world becomes increasingly digital, children of today need to develop these qualities to stand a better chance of landing a job that maximises their potential. In this talk, Joseph Wong offers a simple habit that parents can adopt to turn their children into creative critical thinkers.

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About the Speaker
Joseph Wong considers himself a dad before he’s a trainer. He just launched his book series I’m So Ready For Life, where he explains crucial life skills in the language of a child.

As an ACTA-certified trainer and Principal Consultant at Delapro, Joseph shares his communication skills in his training programmes for creative thinking and speech. He writes for the Recruit section of The Straits Times.

Event Information

How Children Can Be Creative Critical Thinkers

Start date: 30/11/17 12:30
End date: 30/11/17 13:30

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