Holiday Science Specials

Tinkventor Camp
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Back by popular demand! The holiday fun science series by Science Centre Singapore will be bringing you the opportunity to be amazed by the wonders of science. Participate in our thematic activity stations and learn more through engaging hands-on activities.

Renaissance Science
Travel back in time and be prepared to be wow-ed by the incredible inventions from the past – Classic Science! Well, what can we say more?

Crime Scene Science
When every contact leave a trace, it is almost impossible for criminals to erase all evidences of their crime. Come participate in simple investigations by unravelling evidences such as fingerprints.

When we have puzzles and quizzes, Math can be amazing. Come and explore the unique applications of Math with us today!

Play with Science
Wouldn’t it be fun to learn about science through play? Simple toys with a fun science twist can become wacky. Come join us as we extend our imaginative play!

Admission is free and no registration is required.


Event Information

Holiday Science Specials

Start date: 30/11/17 14:00
End date: 30/11/17 16:00

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