Hi-5 Supers

Hi-5 Supers
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Chats grants Hi-5 their wish to be superheroes – just for one day. Hi-5 suddenly find they have become the Supers, superheroes in Hi-5 City. There’s Super Strong with his ‘Belt of Power’. Super Vision can see to the other side of the universe & beyond with her Super Vision Goggles! Super Sound has supersonic hearing with his Super Headphones. Super Fly is super fast and hopes that one day she’ll be able to fly… with lots of practice. Finally, there’s Super Sneaker, who’s great at camouflaging and can even become invisible!

The Hi-5 Supers have been invited to the Superhero Awards Night but they’’re kept busy during the day with a series of impossible hilarious missions and obstacles! Finally, the Supers reach the Awards ceremony, but there is more drama to come. During the day’s adventures, each superhero has managed to overcome their fears and achieve what they’’ve most wished for.

The superhero day ends with the realisation that everyone is super in their own way, every day.


Event Information

Hi-5 Supers

Start date: 7/12/18 0:00
End date: 8/12/18 23:59

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