Hands-on Exhibition: I-Opener

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Come explore I-Opener, Playeum’s sixth hands-on exhibition
at the Children’s Centre for Creativity

Designed for children aged 1-12, I-Opener empowers all families to discover their creative potential and explore their senses through artful play.

Playeum is an independent registered charity (IPC) that champions play and creativity in all children through the arts.

Playeum 18 5 4Playeum runs Singapore’s first dedicated creative space for children aged 1 – 12, the Children’s Centre for Creativity at Gillman Barracks. The Centre presents different themed hands-on exhibitions every year, with its current being I-Opener – an interactive hands-on experience that invites families to discover their creative potential and explore artful play through their senses (ends 26 April 2020).

Other than running the Children’s Centre for Creativity, Playeum also creates social impact through community outreach, training for teachers, space design, research and high-touch programmes with the social sector.

Find out more at www.playeum.com.

Event Information

Hands-on Exhibition: I-Opener

Start date: 1/6/19 10:00
End date: 26/3/20 18:00

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