Haflah Musica

Taman Soka by NUS Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble [ Suspended]
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Transport yourself across the lands of Arabia through the rhythm and melody of Haflah Musica. With a fusion of traditional and modern instruments, we will dish out popular classics from Egypt, evergreen tunes from across the Arabian Gulf and introduce you to the rhythmic favourites of the Southeast Asian Hadrami Arabs. Come join us shake your hips to the infectious beats of the Darbouka and tap your toes to the melodious strums of the Oud.

Haflah Musica is presented to you by the Arab Network @ Singapore in partnership with the NUS Middle East Institute. Don’t miss the premier of this first ever Concert in the Garden featuring live Arabic music by local and regional Arab musicians who have performed all over Asia including various establishments in Singapore like the Malay Heritage Centre and the Esplanade!


Event Information

Haflah Musica

Start date: 14/12/19 18:00
End date: 14/12/19 19:00

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