Goodman: B-Sides 2018

Goodman: B-Sides 2018
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Goodman Arts Centre presents Goodman: B-Sides, a block party at Singapore’s largest arts enclave and home to over 70 artists and arts groups.

From performances and hands-on workshops, to visiting the studios and interacting with our arts residents, spend an evening at Goodman Arts Centre with loads of free arts offerings to choose from!

B-Sides is a celebration of artists and art enthusiasts, and we welcome you to be part of it!

Look forward to:

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– Film screening

– Performances

– Workshops and activities

– Studio tours

and more!


Event Information

Goodman: B-Sides 2018

Start date: 17/11/18 16:00
End date: 17/11/18 22:00

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