Gardeners’ Day Out – 19 Jan 2019

Gardeners' Day Out - 16 Feb 2019
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Take part in a series of creative and engaging activities suitable for families and the young ones at Gardeners’ Day Out! Storytelling, art and craft, and lots more fun await!

Programmes and talks include:

Garden Walk
10 am to 11 am
Be inspired by the unique plants displayed at our themed gardens, as our guide takes you on an enjoyable tour.

To join, register at the Visitor Services Centre by 9.45 am, and gather at the Meeting Point 5 min before the tour begins.

Upcycling Workshop
9.30 am to 11.30 am
Venue: Lifestyle Corner
Create pretty and colourful paper flowers out of egg cartons.

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Botanical Dyes, Natural Fibres and Us
9.15 am – 10 am
Venue: Lifestyle Corner
Explore the world of natural dyes and fibres as you pick up ways to make use of plant parts, and gain a better appreciation for Mother Nature.

Lucky Air Plant Decor
10.15 am – 11 am
Venue: Lifestyle Corner
Get to know more about this unique plant that does not need soil to thrive, and use it as part of an attractive display for Chinese New Year!

What Fed Your Soil Feeds You
11.15 am – 12.15 pm
Venue: Lifestyle Corner
Gain a better understanding on how soil health matters to the things you grow for food and how to assess the nutritional value of your harvest.

The Art of Kokedama
10.30 am – 11.30 am
Venue: MPH
Learn to make a bonsai display with live mosses, eliminating the need for an expensive pot.


Event Information

Gardeners’ Day Out – 19 Jan 2019

Start date: 19/1/19 9:00
End date: 19/1/19 15:00

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