40+ Funny Running Jokes & Puns That’ll Have You Laughing In Stitches

Funny Running Jokes & Puns That'll Have You Laughing In Stitches
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Runners are a breed of their own and running jokes and running puns are also distinctly funny. Whether you are a sprinter, or a leisurely jogger, a great and well time running joke can help to give you a second wind. 

We’ve put together a marathon’s worth of running jokes and puns to share with your training buddies the next time you get together.

Ready, get set, let’s go! 

Hilarious Running Jokes & Running Puns

Hilarious Running Jokes & Running Puns

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1. What do they serve at the runners’ training camp?
Fast food.

2. Why are the President and Vice President so fit?
Because they are running mates.

3. Why did the marathoner decide to give up racing?
Because it gave him the runs.

4. Why did the marathoner constantly play a prank on his team mate?
Because it was a running joke.

5. Why was the young cow so good at running? 
Because he used his calf muscles.

6. What happens if a runner doesn’t wear proper shoes?
He will suffer the agony of de feet.

7. What was the DJ disqualified from the race?
Because he kept changing tracks. 

8. Why couldn’t the Swedish runner complete the race?
Because he didn’t want to cross the Finnish line.

9. What do sprinters eat on race days?
Nothing. They fast.

10. Why did the snowman get a cramp?
Because he did not warm up.

11. Why did the gardener come in last in the cross country race?
He took the wrong route (root).

12. Why don’t sprinters have long careers?
Because they’re only good in the short run.

13. Why did the man with amnesia go for a run?
To jog his memory.

14. Why did the orange stop running?
It ran out of juice.

15. What happened to the runner who has a fear of speed bumps?
He is slowly getting over them.

16. How did the lawyer with a torn ACL manage to win the race?
He had the power of a torn knee.

17. What happens when you run in front of a car?
You get tired.

18. What do you call a person who runs behind a car?

19. How do sprinters like their eggs done?

20. Why do couch potatoes make the best marathon runners?
Because they can run sofa.

More Running Jokes and Puns

More Running Jokes and Puns

Laughter can a great way to end off a run. Enjoy these funny jokes and puns about running and have a great time sharing them with all your running pals! Maybe they will even get you all excited for the next lap. 

21. Why did the marathoner look so content?
Because he had found his happy pace.

22. Why is hard to beat a lettuce in a race?
Because they are always a head.

23. Why happened to the tomato that fell behind in the race?
It had to ketchup.

24. What do you call a canine that loves to run around the track with its owner?
A lap dog.

25. Why did the man with diarrhoea manage to win the race?
Because it runs in his genes.

26. Why did the pig lose the race?
Because he pulled his hamstring.

27. Why don’t they allow animals in the marathon?
Because they aren’t part of the human race.

28. Why are dentists good at sprinting?
Because they know all the drills. ‘

29. What happens when you buy a treadmill?
You get a run for your money.

30. Why was the energetic runner detained by security after completing the run?
Because he was resisting a rest.

31. Why did the pen lose the race?
Because it was stationary.

32. Which country has the best sprinters?

33. What do treadmill runners and baseball player have in common?
They both like home runs.

34. Why did the runner show up only an hour after the race began?
He was running late.

35 What do you call a half-marathoner?
Half crazy.

36. What do runners lose when they win a race?
Their breath.

37. What is a runner’s favourite class in school?

38. Can you guess what country has the best long distance runners?
Well, Kenya?

39. What do you call a steep hill that runners love to race up?
The psycho-path. 

40. What do they say at the start of the Communist Marathon?
On your Marx…

41. Why was the man on the treadmill laughing?
It was an inside running joke. 

42. Why are elephants good at running?
Because they have big calves.

43. Why did the one-legged man decide to stop running?
To save his sole.

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