French Fries: 10+ Interesting Ways To Eat The Ultimate Comfort Snack

French Fries: 10 Must-Try Ways To Eat The Ultimate Comfort Snack
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Did you know that French fries have a “day”? International French Fries Day falls on 13 July. We are not sure who started it but we can understand why.

French fries are a favourite snack for many.

French fries - International French Fries Day

Thinly sliced and crispy (or soggy depending on how you like it), the humble potato gets transformed into an accompaniment that doesn’t feel out of place with a nice cut of beef (steak frites) or a juicy burger.

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Interesting Ways to Prepare French Fries for International French Fries Day

In honour of this comfort food, here are some ways that you can try dressing up your French fries.

1. Cheese Fries

We start off with something simple. Cheese fries are a crowd pleaser and fairly easy to make.

2. Sweet Potato Fries

A healthier alternative to using regular potatoes is to make use of sweet potatoes and oven bake them.

3. Texas Cheese Fries

This concoction looks like fully-loaded nachos with the nachos swopped out for seasoned fries. Try the “healthier” version of these French fries to alleviate some guilt.

4. Potato Hot Dog on a Stick

A popular street snack in South Korea, the Potato Hot Dog makes it convenient to get both your starch and protein with one hand.

5. Loaded Breakfast Fries

The breakfast of champions? Loaded Breakfast Fries is something that you would probably want to share with several others.

6. Poutine

The original Quebec poutine calls for French fries to be topped off with cheese curds and a healthy dressing of brown gravy. If you want to be really authentic, don’t mix it up before eating it.

7. French Fry Bun Double Cheeseburger

We all know that fries go well with burgers. However, some may say it is inefficient to eat them separately. If you feel that way, check out the French Fry Bun which can be used for your next cheeseburger.

8. Pizza Fries

Swop out the regular pizza base with French fries and you get an Italian-style dish of fries.

9. Curly Fries

What is it about curly fries that makes it so fun to eat? Maybe it is just the springy-ness of it all. You can make curly fries at home with a spiraliser, as shown in the video above.

10. Ice Cream-French Fry Dessert

We have all tried eating our French fries with ice cream at McDonald’s, right? No? A New York eatery took the idea one step further with a legit ice cream French fry dessert. Feeling adventurous? Give it a try.

11. French Fries Ice Cream Rolls

Want another French Fries dessert combination? Check out French Fries ice cream rolls.

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