Forfar Heights Playground: Netted Play Spot In The Corner

Forfar Heights Playground: Netted Play Spot In The Corner
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At the corner of the Alexandra Road and Commonwealth Avenue stands the turquoise-coloured Forfar Heights Playground, one of several playgrounds at the housing estate.

Former Forfar House

Former Forfar House

Forfar Heights stands at the site of the former Forfar House, part of the new Queenstown housing estate, the HDB’s first satellite housing estate. The 14-storey Forfar House was famous for being Singapore’s tallest public residential building when it opened in 1956.

Colloquially, it was known as Chap Si Lau or 14 storeys in Hokkien.

The old residential blocks would be dwarfed by the 30 to 40 storey Forfar Heights cluster which has been built in its place.

However, the towering blocks hide a rather cute and small corner playground.

Turquoise Forfar Heights Playground

Turquoise Forfar Heights Playground

The Forfar Heights playground, which looks out towards the car showrooms at Leng Kee Road, has several unusual looking pieces of play equipment.

Forfar Heights Playground

There is a low netted structure which looks like a miniature version of the playground found at Jem.

Other play structures which encourage climbing include a little ladder-like structure.

Rubber hammocks at the Forfar Heights playground

There are also rubber hammocks at the Forfar Heights playground for kids to swing away.

Slide at the Forfar Heights Playground

Interestingly, the playground also makes use of a dip in the terrain for its short, grey slide.

This cozy, corner playground is one of several playgrounds at Forfar Heights.

Forfar Heights Ship Playground

Forfar Heights Ship Playground

A larger playground with a ship-themed play structure can be found at the centre of series of apartments. There is even a big blue hippo with a gaping mouth at the playground too.

The Forfar Heights playgrounds are just a short distance away, across the street, from the Alice in Wonderland playground at Dawson Vista.

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