Fight the Deadliest Monster

Fight the Deadliest Monster
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Calling all kids to join the fight – enter Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo for free and learn how to protect wildlife by keeping plastic waste out of natural habitats.

Our natural environment is plagued by a persistent monster – plastic waste – which is behind the deaths of over a million animal every year. Animals often mistake plastic particles for food or become entangled in them. As part of ongoing efforts to conserve
biodiversity, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the operator of Singapore’s wildlife parks, is rallying its guests this October to help fight the deadliest monster by binning it right to keep harmful waste out of wild habitats to protect wildlife.

Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park are partnering with local artist Ernest Goh from the Ayer Ayer Project to bring a Shore Debris Table into the parks. These are interactive art installations where the kids can sieve through real sand collected from Singapore’s beaches to find microplastic pieces and learn about the extent of plastic pollution in aquatic habitats. Kids will be able to use the plastic pieces to create their own artwork for gifting to friends to help spread the message about plastic pollution.

At the Recycle Racers activity station, kids will learn about recycling best practices, as they compete with friends and family to sort common household waste into the right bins. The parks will also feature a Fight the Deadliest Monster Pledge Wall, for pledges to reduce single-use plastics and contribute to the fight against the deadliest monster.

Even the animals are taking a stand against the deadliest monster. Get tips from Singapore Zoo’s Sea Lion, Pedro, and Jurong Bird Park’s Scarlet Macaw, Ippy, as they demonstrate how to bin trash right and help protect their wild cousins.


Event Information

Fight the Deadliest Monster

Start date: 1/10/19 0:00
End date: 31/10/19 23:59

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