Family Review: Adventure Quest At Fort Pasir Panjang, Labrador Park

Family Review: Adventure Quest At Fort Pasir Panjang, Labrador Park
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Looking for some adventure? Love hunting for clues and finding answers? Eager to get kids off screens and outdoors? You would love the Adventure Quest at Fort Pasir Panjang, located at Labrador Park.

We decided to “burn some calories” after the Lunar New Year feasting and take advantage of the cool weather during the holidays for an adventure. For those who love escape rooms and scavenger hunts, this quest will require similar skills. This is a good opportunity to involve the children in searching for clues or even taking the lead to find the right objects.

Fort Pasir Panjang – Where Your Quest Awaits

Fort Pasir Panjang – Where Your Quest Awaits

We did this quest with our 9+ and 6+ year olds. Most of us have never been to Fort Pasir Panjang nor Labrador Battery. It was an eye-opener for us exploring the old Fort. It was used for coastal defence and fortified beginning 1878. As the harbour was nearby, the Southern coastal defence was essential in case of attacks. The fort had a limited role in World War 2 where the 6-inch guns fired on advancing enemy soldiers.

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Exploring Fort Pasir Panjang

You can enter Fort Pasir Panjang from various carparks, the most obvious entrance is across Carpark C. Here’s a hint, the first puzzle is right at the entrance (across Carpark C).

Lessons on History, Numeracy and Honing Observation Skills

Lessons on History, Numeracy and Honing Observation Skills

Entering into the grounds where once guns were fired, soldiers were fighting furiously to defend the land was a treat. Children would love to climb the structures and peer curiously into tunnel entrances. Don’t forget to look out for numbers that could solve the puzzles!

Counting items

Aside from numbers, you will need to count items. This is a good exercise to practise numeracy skills for the pre-schoolers in a real-life scenario outdoors.

We spent about an hour attempting the puzzles. Help from the clue sheet would have shortened the time taken. I would encourage looking at the clues if there was trouble solving puzzles especially for family with younger children. It is also a good way to hone both observational skills and work on physical fitness, as we trudged uphill (and downhill).

At the cannon display

During our hunt, we also read about the different parts of Labrador Battery. The centrepiece is undoubtedly the 6-inch gun barrel. You can also see the entrances to the storeroom and bunkers, observation points that overlooks the sea.

Enjoying the sunset

We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset at Labrador Park when we finished our quest. A pleasant timing to start the Adventure Quest would be either in the late afternoon or early morning. Do remember to bring some water and repellent. There is a washroom at the top of the hill.

Instructions to Play Fort Pasir Panjang Adventure Quest

First Step: Download the Playsheet (and clues) from Little Day Out Shop

Second Step: Head out to Labrador Park and Fort Pasir Panjang. Bring some water, repellent and a snack.

Third Step: Good luck and have fun!

p.s. Even if you can’t get the right answers, there is an answer sheet.  Try your best at deciphering the clues first. Use it only if you have difficulty with the puzzles.

Start your adventure here!

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