Family Movie & Childrens’ Book Swop

Family Movie & Childrens' Book Swop
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Bookworm Kids Alert! Enjoy quality family bonding time over a movie while allowing our children to experience the joy of sharing and exchanging books!

Apply some yogic concept to our lives and let’s take a step back and look at the way we shop. Sometimes, we have a tendency to hoard and perhaps buy more than we need. How about we try to shop without adding on to the clutter?

Gather all the good childrens’ books (in good condition) you have finished and come swap them for “new” books with others!

Before you come, take a look at the book and ask yourself if you would gift it to a friend as a present. If you would, then it probably would pass for exchange.

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Limited to exchange of up to 20 books per child. Everyone requires a ticket to enter the venue, regardless of age.


4:30pm Collection of all books & movie ‘MOANA’ starts

 Collection ends and books are sorted out.

 Time to pick and choose your “new” books!

 End of screening and event.

Limited slots available.

For enquiries, email or call/whatsapp 8322 1251.


Before this session, you might like to join us for:
Kids Yoga: Bliss Out the Monkeys
3:30pm to 4.15pm
6 to 12 yr old, $10 per child

Mindful kids = happy kids! Let our children have great fun with each other in this safe, positive and creative environment.

Our children live in a stressful world of school pressures, incessant lessons, computer games, malls and even competitive sports. The profound effect on their innate joy is usually not for the better and yoga can definitely help our little darlings to counter these pressures!

In fun and lively ways, we learn yoga postures and basic breathing techniques to bring about focus, increased concentration, self-relaxation, self-esteem and body awareness, which help them navigate life’s challenges with ease.

Bring joy to our cute little monkeys in this 45-min session filled with songs, games, stories and laughter where they can enjoy themselves totally in a nurturing and non-competitive environment, that is sure to bliss them out!

Limited slots. Book now at


Event Information

Family Movie & Childrens’ Book Swop

Start date: 3/6/17 16:30
End date: 3/6/17 19:30

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