Families Go Green!

Craft With Us! Session 2 - 22 Feb 2020
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A collaboration between Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG) and Central CDC, “Families Go Green!” will be SSG’s upcoming flagship event on 23rd November 2019!

This upcoming event specifically targets families as we believe that family is the primary unit of change and influence. We hope to help family members understand their crucial role in supporting and committing to the green movement as a family unit, and promote tight family bonds through family-friendly activities and participation in challenges that require team effort.

The main highlight of the event will be the National Family Upcycling Challenge where teams consisting of 2 to 5 members will compete to create an upcycled product with a mystery box that is filled with materials that are often simply discarded. Teams will also have tools to assist them with the creation of the upcycled product. Teams stand a chance of winning shopping vouchers!

There will also be a variety of other activities at the event such as:
1. UPmarket by CDC
2. Green Warrior! Inflatable Obstacle Course
3. Food Trucks
4. The Sustainable Singapore Gallery
5. Upcycle Workshops
6. Up Your Game! Carnival Games
7. An Instagram Giveaway

Event Information

Families Go Green!

Start date: 23/11/19 10:00
End date: 23/11/19 15:00

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