Faber-Castell Art Festival

Faber-Castell Art Festival
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Faber-Castell, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality products for writing, colouring and creative designs, is proud to present the inaugural Faber-Castell Art Festival taking place from 27 May to 4 June 2017 at the Marina Square Central Atrium. Held on a grand scale in a ‘castle’ setting and encompassing 4758 square feet of space, the festival welcomes all to be inspired by the possibilities of art in its many facets, and even try their hand at creating a form of art – regardless of age or experience.

Over nine days that include two weekends, the public can look forward to a wide variety of activities that revolve around the brand’s quality products – ranging from two Singapore record-breaking events, interactive workshops with local and overseas art makers, an art exhibition by local emerging artists and a colouring competition for families. Most of the activities will be held on the weekend.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of artworks will be donated to Children’s Cancer Foundation in Singapore. There will also be a wide selection of Faber-Castell products that range from materials for artists, hobby artists, kids, the office, technical drawings and even writing implements on sale, to complement the store on level 2 of Marina Square. For more information, the public can refer to https://www.facebook.com/FaberCastell.Sg/


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‘Singapore Book of Records’ milestones

– Biggest Mosaic by Colour Markers

– Longest Banner of Human Figurine Sketches


Creative workshops by local and overseas artists

Encompassing a wide range of genres from brush lettering, watercolour painting, fashion illustration to botanical illustration, the workshops are a wonderland of discovery. They are led by passionate art makers who encourage all to release their inhibitions through creating and let the process guide one through the moment. Faber-Castell products will be used in all workshops and beginners are welcome.

– Creative Drawing with Peter Draw, Singapore
3 June, Saturday, 11am to 12pm, free

– Art Experiences with The Lettering Workbook, Singapore
27-28 May, 3-4 June, $85 per workshop

– Fashion Illustration with Clayrene, Singapore
8 May, Sunday, 1pm to 3pm, $130 per person

–  Colour Pencil Illustration with Tiffany Yao, Singapore
28 May, Sunday, 11am to 1pm, $30 per person

– Art Experiences with Neh Oh Mee, Singapore
Participants will explore the art of brush calligraphy and discover how therapeutic the writing of ‘abc’ can be!

Brush Calligraphy
3 June, Saturday
 4.30pm to 7.30pm, $100 per person

Let’s Foil!
8pm to 9pm, $70 per person

– Creative Classes with Abbey Sy, Philippines
An artist, designer and author based in the Philippines, Abbey is a freelance artist and designer, workshop instructor and creative entrepreneur best known for her hand-lettering work and travel illustrations.

– Floral & Foliage Illustration & Mixed Media Workshop with Lucinda Law, Brand Ambassador of Faber-Castell, Singapore
4 June, Sunday, 10.30am to 12.30pm, $85 per person


Free activities

– Family Bonding Art Competition with Hans Art
27 May, Saturday 1:30pm and 3 June, Saturday 11:30am

– Badge Making with Puffingmuffin
27 May, Saturday, 12pm-3pm, free with purchase of any Faber-Castell products

– Creative Mind Mapping by Mr Thum Cheng Cheong
28 May, Sunday, 11am to 1pm




Event Information

Faber-Castell Art Festival

Start date: 27/5/17 11:00
End date: 4/6/17 21:00

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