Children’s Festival – Dye-nosaur Gardens

Children's Festival – Dye-nosaur Gardens
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Have a roaring good time at Children’s Festival this March.

The Dye-Nosaur Gardens brings the visitors into an imaginative habitat of dinosaurs and prehistoric plants. Look out for colourful and magnificent dinosaur sculptures nestled at the Supertree Grove, and look forward to exiciting performances, creative crafts, workshops and fun-filled carnival rides and games!

Catch the multi-coloured, life-size dinosaurs, Brachy and Friends, as they roar to life before your very eyes!

In order of height [from tallest to shortest], they are:
– Brachy the blue Brachiosaurus, 16m
– Rexy the red Tyrannosaurus, 9m
– Tricey the yellow Triceratops, 7m
– Steggy the green Stegosaurus, 3m
– Dee the red Deinonychus (x3), 2m
– Anky the purple Ankylosaurus, 3m
– Pachy the orange Pachycephalosaurus, 4m
– Paramummy the pink Parasaurolophus, 4m
– Parasi the pink Parasaurolophus, 2.4m

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Venue: Supertree Grove, World of Plants & Children’s Garden

Free admission. Charges for the rides and games apply.

Event Information

Children’s Festival – Dye-nosaur Gardens

Start date: 10/3/17 10:00
End date: 2/4/17 21:00

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