110 Funny Chicken Jokes That’ll Get You Clucking With Laughter

110 Funny Chicken Jokes That'll Get You Clucking With Laughter
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Why did the chicken cross the road? That’s the classic chicken joke, isn’t it? But there are plenty more amazing and funny chicken jokes and puns from where that came from. 

These funny chicken jokes will get your feathers ruffled with laughter. They are a great way to spread some fowl humor around and so to raise the roof. If you are want funny chicken jokes and puns, we’ve got a whole roost for you here. 

Get ready for some of the best chicken jokes that you will surely appreciate.

Best Funny Chicken Jokes

Best Funny Chicken Jokes

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1. What do you call a chicken from another planet beside Earth?
An eggs-traterrestrial!

2. What do you call a chicken crossing the road?
Poultry in motion.

3. Why did the hen miss work?
Because she was feeling a little under the feather!

4. Why are chickens always doing push-ups at the gym?
Because they like to work out their pecks!

5. How does a chicken bake a cake?
From scratch.

6. What is a chicken’s favorite fantasy film?
Lord of the Wings!

7. What do evil hens lay?
Deviled eggs.

8. How does a rooster make sure he is on time to crow every morning?
He makes use of an alarm cluck!

9. What do you call a hen who haunts a chicken farm?
A poultry-geist!

10. Why do chickens make great banjo players?
Because they are great pluckers!

11. What do you call a chicken that spends a lot of money?

12. What does a chicken consider a romantic date?
A peck-nic in the park!

13. Why do chickens always seem to be on the bench during a baseball game?
Because they keep fowling out!

14. Why do chickens make the worst dates?
Because they are cheep!

15. Why do chickens love watching the Three Stooges?
Because they love a good comedi-hens!

16. Who is a chicken’s favorite composer?

17. How did the chicken feel when they rolled out the red carpet for it?
Egg-tra special.

18. Why do chickens make the best dance partners?
Because they love shaking their tail feathers!

19. Did you hear about the chicken farmer that went missing?
The police suspect fowl play.

20. What do you get when you cross a chicken with an elephant?
A peckyderm.

21. Why do hens always live in the moment?
Because they don’t like to count their chickens before they are hatch.

22. What did the mother hen give her chicks after tucking them in?
A peck on the cheek.

23. Why did the musicians let the chicken join the band?
Because it had the drumsticks.

24. How do chickens send letters to each other?
In hen-velopes.

25. What is a baby chick’s favorite game?

26. Why shouldn’t you engage in cockfighting?
Because it is a feather-al offense.

27. Why did the chick get detention?
Because he used fowl language.

28. Who was the first hen to fly across the Atlantic?
Amelia Egg-hart!

29. Why do young roosters act like their dads?
Because like feather, like son.

30. What is chickens’ favorite college course?

31. What did the chicken say on the fourth down in the last few seconds of the football game?
Let’s lay it all on the line.

32. What happens when you cross a chicken and a cow?
You get roost beef.

33. What does a chicken call a rotten egg that explodes?
A bombshell.

34. Why did the chicken run out of the coop?
Because it smelled like a rotten egg!

35. What does a hen say to her boyfriend when about to kiss?
Cluck-er up.

36. How do you motivate a chicken?
By egging it on.

37. Why are chickens bad at holding up when interrogated?
Because they crack under pressure.

38. What is a chicken’s favorite book?
Great Eggs-pectations!

39. What do chickens grow on?

40. How do chickens like to dance?
Chick to chick.

Funny Chicken Jokes to Get Everyone Egg-cited

Funny Chicken Jokes to Get Everyone Egg-cited

We’ve got even more funny chicken jokes that you can count on. Get ready for these puns and hilarious jokes about chickens that will sure get you rolling about.

41. What do pessimistic roosters say?

42. What happens why a chicken lays an egg on a hill?
You get an egg roll.

43. Why are chickens good at long distance running?
Because they have a lot of hen-durance.

44. How do monsters like their eggs?

45. Why does a chicken coop stink?
Too much fowl odor!

46. What is the best way to learn all about chickens?
By reading the hen-cyclopedia.

47. Why was the chicken studying so hard?
For the eggs-amination.

48. Why did the egg feel the call of the wild?
Because it was an eggs-plorer.

49. How do chickens get off the bus?
By using the egg-it.

50. What happens if you cross a chicken with a bell?
You get an alarm cluck.

51. Why did the robot cross the road?
Because the chicken programmed it to.

52. What did the egg car do when the light turned green?
It egg-celerated!

53. What did the chicken when say when it let out a sneeze?
Eggs-cuse me!

54. What do you call the door to a chicken barn?
The hen-trance.

55. Why are chickens so well groomed?
Because they always have a comb.

56. What did the hen say to her chick at nap time?
I don’t want to hear a peep out of you!

57. Why does a chicken stand on one foot?
Because if it lifted up the other one, it would fall over.

58. Why do chickens rinse their mouths out with soap?
Because of all their fowl language!

59. Which city in America is the home of chickens?

60. Where do tough chickens come from?
Hard boiled eggs.

61. Knock, Knock. Who’s there?
Chicken who?
Chicken your pockets maybe you will find your keys there!

62. What do you get when you cross a chicken with a guitar?
A chicken that makes music when you pluck it.

63. How do comedians like their eggs?
Funny side up!

64. How many eggs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
None. Eggs don’t have hands.

65. How many chickens does it take to screw in a light bulb?
None. Chickens don’t have hands either.

66. What do you call a city of 20 million eggs?
New Yolk City!

67. Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?
To make up for a bad summer.

68. Why couldn’t the egg get good reception of her TV program?
Because the channels were all scrambled!

69. Why shouldn’t you tease egg whites?
Because they can’t take a yolk!

70. Why don’t chickens like cooks?
They beat eggs!

71. What side of the chicken has the most feathers?
The outside!

72. What kind of movies do hens like?
Chick flicks!

73. Why was the hatchling shy?
She had a hard time coming out of her shell.

74. Where did the Japanese chicken go when it was tired of Tokyo?

75. Why do chickens make good bankers?
Because they know how to build a nest egg.

76. Why did Mozart get rid of his chickens?
All they ever said was “Bach Bach Bach!”

77. When is a chicken running late?
When the cluck strikes half past hen!

78. What does a chicken use to dry its tears?
A hen-kerchief.

79. How does a hen capture big moments?
By taking a peck-ture.

80. Who was the most ruthless chicken leader of all time?
Attila the Hen.

Even More Funny Chicken Jokes

Even More Funny Chicken Jokes

We’re hatching even more jokes about chickens to you laughing all about. Ready for them? Let’s get down to the funny quips and jokes.

81. What is a chicken’s favorite musical?

82. Why does a chicken coop have two doors?
Because if it had four doors, it would be a sedan.

83. What’s a chickens least favorite day?

84. What do you call a chicken that tells jokes?
A comedi-hen!

85. Why didn’t the hen go to KFC?
It wasn’t on her bucket list!

86. Why do chickens gossip?
Because talk is cheep!

87. What is a roosters favorite part of a car?
The egg-celerator!

88. What grows on yolk trees?

89. Why did the farmer have to separate the chicken and the turkey?
Because he sensed fowl play was going to take place.

90. Why couldn’t the hen find her eggs?
Because she had mislaid them!

91. What do you call a mischievous egg?
A practical yolker.

92. Who was the smartest chicken?
Albert Egg-stein.

93. What do chicken do when they arrive at a hotel?
They chick inn at the front desk.

94. Psychiatrist: What seems to be the problem?
Patient: I think I’m a chicken.
Psychiatrist: How long has this been going on?
Patient: Ever since I came out of my shell.

95. Did you hear about the chicken who could only lay eggs in the winter?
She was no spring chicken.

96. Why did the chicken lay an egg?
Because it was feeling egg-cited.

97. What chicken is famous for singing Waka Waka?

98. What do you call someone who knows all about chickens?
An eggspert!

99. What do you call someone who takes care of chickens?
A chicken tender!

100. How did the mommy chicken feel when the baby chicks refused to listen to her?

101. How do you know if a chicken joke is good?
If it cracks you up!

102. What is a chicken’s favorite birthday dessert?

103. Why is Thanksgiving a chicken’s favorite holiday?
Because they serve peck-an pie.

104. What is a chicken’s favorite cookie?
Chocolate Cheep Cookies.

105. Why was the chicken so tired?
Because it had been working around the cluck.

106. Why did the chicken open the refridgerator doo?
Because it was feeling a bit peckish.

107. What did the chicken working in the factory do at the end of its shift?
It chicked out for the night.

108. What was the chicken feeling confused?
Because it was having an eggs-istential crisis.

109. What did the chicken do when it knew no one was around?
It got up to its old chicks.

110. Why can’t you trust what a chicken says?
Because talk is cheep.

111. Why did the chicken take a propellor with it to the hen house?
Because it was flying the coop.

112. Why do chickens always look stylish?
Because they are im-peck-able dressers.

113. What did the chicken say when someone tried to stop it from crossing the road?
Don’t hen-der my progress.

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