Celebrate December: Ocarina House

West Winds In Concert 2019 - Festival - A Musical Extravaganza
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Wanlin is the founder of Ocarina House and has presented countless Ocarina performances in various venues and events since the group was founded in 2014. She was also a featured artist at library@esplanade last February. This December, Wanlin (ocarina), together with her fellow musician friends, Wayne (guitar) and Anson (Yang Qin) will share the stage together in performing many of their own arrangements of popular tunes.

Date: Thur, 14 Dec 2017

Time: 7.15pm & 8.15pm

Venue: Esplanade Concourse

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Duration: 30 min


Event Information

Celebrate December: Ocarina House

Start date: 14/12/17 19:00
End date: 14/12/17 21:00

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