Car-free Sunday SG @ one-north

Car-Free Weekend 26-28 Oct 2018
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In April 2018, join us for a special edition of Car-Free Sunday SG @ one-north! Jointly organised by URA and JTC, this will be the first time that cyclists, joggers and families can enjoy the event outside of the Civic District.

Activities Include:

RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival 2018: Soapbox Lounge
The highlight of this event is the one-north Soapbox Race where teams will build their own Soapbox Car and race it down a race course filled with obstacles!

Free Trishaw Rides
Cycling Without Age (CWA) will be providing free trishaw rides for everyone during this event, though seniors above 60 years will have first access to the rides!

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EcoRider Rental 
Get a free trial or rent the EcoRider for a fun experience!

Jumping Fitness
A premium aerobics rebounding programme conducted on specially designed, high quality Jumping Profi mini trampoline that are both safe and effective. Suitable for both young and old.

Locomotor Skill for Kids
Calling all kids below 5! Learn about locomotor skills through a fun variety of activities like walking, running, hopping, jumping, sliding galloping, leaping and skipping.

Butterfly Explorer
Learn from our friendly station guides more about butterfly-attracting plant, and if you’re lucky, spot some butterflies too! Activity sheets for kid explorers will also be available there!

Farmers’ Market
Check out healthy produce and offerings such as fresh vegetables and mushrooms, fresh poulet, fresh salads, Biscotti, Paleo cookies, Tarts and Bakes, cold brew coffee and tea, Kombucha and Probiotic beverages, honey, truffle products, pandan products, snacks and many more!


Event Information

Car-free Sunday SG @ one-north

Start date: 29/4/18 9:00
End date: 29/4/18 12:00

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