Canberra Plaza Food: A&W, McDonald’s, BreadTalk And Other Restaurants

Canberra Plaza Food
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Looking for something to munch on as you explore the new Canberra Plaza? There are a variety of options when it comes to Canberra Plaza food. Here are the various shops that you can get food at Canberra Plaza.

Canberra Plaza Food


Canberra Plaza Food A&W

Probably the store that most of us are excited for, Singapore’s third A&W outlet is located in Canberra Plaza. Known for their burgers, loaded hot dog buns, Coney dogs and root beer floats, it’s a good spot to go if you’re craving some all American Fast Food.

Ya Kun

Canberra Plaza Food Ya Kun

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One of the well-known franchises in Singapore to go to if you need a good local breakfast of kaya toast and eggs with a side of kopi-o, there is a Ya Kun in Canberra Plaza that you can dine at. Other items that you can order include steamed kaya bread, kaya bread balls and sandwiches.


Canberra Plaza Food McDonalds

The McDonald’s at Canberra Plaza stands out from the other McDonald’s outlets located around the island not only for its spacious interior but also for Play Place, an indoor play area for kids! The décor is slightly different from the usual interior of a McDonald’s, with colourful shapes and designs along with wooden tables, giving the space a more minimalistic vibe. There is also a McCafe for anyone who wishes to order a drink or coffee to go with their meal.


Canberra Plaza Food Cantine

This halal concept food court offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes of various cuisines including Western, Japanese, Thai and more. The place is air-conditioned and a great place to have a meal especially on a hot day!

Nam Kee Pau and Hong Kong Egglet

Canberra Plaza Food Nam Kee Pau and Hong Kong Egglet

Nam Kee Pau serves a variety of handmade steamed buns with fillings such as red bean, char siew, and other minced meats. If you’re looking for a Honk Kong Style waffle, get an egglet or bubble waffle to go. These are sold with flavours like kaya and strawberry or with more savoury fillings such as pizza and chicken floss.

Do Qoo and Mr Bean

Canberra Plaza Food Do Qoo and Mr Bean

Mr Bean is not an unfamiliar name to many of us and sells fresh soybean drinks and products. We especially enjoy their soybean ice cream which is perfect for our hot and humid weather. Do Qoo is an extension of Nr Bean’s brand and sells dessert cups with toppings like abacus balls, jelly and beans. Choose from a variety of flavours for the base such as matcha, Osmanthus jelly and of course soybean.

Sedap Goreng

Canberra Plaza Food Sedap Goreng

Located at the basement, this shop sells various fried snack such as shrimp cakes, curry puffs, fish balls and breaded scallops. They also have economic breakfast sets consisting of rice and noodles for a quick grab-and-go meal.

Gerill Bap

Canberra Plaza Food Gerill Bap

With other outlets in Ang Mo Kio Hub and Bugis Junction, Gerill Bap sells affordable Korean Rice Bowls with a choice of proteins like chicken, beef, wagyu. Beef, fish and garlic butter prawns. To order, choose from a base of rice, salad or noodles and the topping of choice. You can also choose to add on other toppings at an additional cost.

Swee Heng 1989 Classic

Canberra Plaza Food Swee Heng 1989 Classic

Swee Heng 1989 Classic sells freshly made cakes and bread. Some cakes that they sell include a classic mango, tiramisu, salted caramel, and walnut carrot cake. You can also find coffee bread, ham and cheese bread as well as chocolate buns.

Pho Street

Canberra Plaza Food Pho Street

Pho Street offers Singaporeans authentic Vietnamese Street delights from Pho to snacks such as spring rolls, banh mi and of course Vietnamese iced coffee. Their signature pho is made with an 8-hour broth, Vietnam imported pho and handmade beef balls. They also offer Vietnamese desserts like their Vietnamese three colour dessert and cream of mung bean with coconut cream and crushed peanuts.

Niigata Bento

Canberra Plaza Food Niigata Bento

Niigata Prefecture is the rice capital of Japan and the birthplace of prized short-grained Japanese rice that is famous for its sweet and nutty taste. As the name suggests, Niigata Bento serves Bentos with a choice of various proteins with a. side of salted corn and seasonal fresh salad. You can also have a warm bowl of cha soba served with tender slices of smoked duck or shabu-shabu pork.


Canberra Plaza Food Starbucks

The ever-expanding coffee chain has added another chain to its list at the new Canberra Plaza. This Starbucks outlet is located near the entrance of the mall on the first level. The outlet is completely indoors but also gives a good window view with natural light entering the store due to the large ceiling to floor windows.


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