Camp Fest

Camp Fest
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Fall asleep under the stars with a panoramic view of the Upper Seletar Reservoir or snuggle up next to a herd of manatees in the world’s largest freshwater aquarium at Singapore’s wildest night experience – Camp Fest!

Under Camp Fest, members of the public can select from distinct camp programmes each with their unique wildlife experiences.

Sleep with the Night Critters in Night Safari
Date: 9 – 10 Dec (Sat-Sun) 
Time: 5 pm – 10 am (next day)
Cost: Adult $300 / Child (5 – 12 years) $255
Night Safari’s Sleep with the Night Critters camp is ideal for participants looking for some excitement while still wanting to retain some creature comforts. Feel like a VIP and embark on the Safari Adventurer Tour across the park’s six geographical regions in a private buggy complete with a personal guide. Partake in exclusive wildlife experiences like elephant feeding and animal interaction sessions. Tuck into a sumptuous 3-course gourmet dinner in Singapore’s first luxurious tipi tent. Turn in for the night surrounded by the comforting hum of the surrounding rainforest. You might even catch some lions roaring for the most authentic safari experience.

Sleep with the Manatees in River Safari
Date: 25-26 Nov 2017 (Sat-Sun)
Time: 4.00pm – 11.00am (next day)
Cost: Adult $214 / Child (5 – 12 years): $181.90
Campers looking for a soothing experience can opt for the Sleep with the Manatees camp where they will pitch their tents at the air-conditioned Amazon Flooded Forest in River Safari. They will get an unparalleled bedside view of the graceful manatees as they drift into slumber. Participants will also get up to some Fishy Business at the behind-the-scenes tour, learn what the team of aquarists in River Safari do to ensure their aquatic charges are in the pink of health, and even try their hand at preparing food and feeding one of the world’s largest freshwater fish, the arapaima.

Sleep with the Beasts in Singapore Zoo
Date: 2 – 3 Dec 2017 (Sat-Sun)
Time: 3.30pm – 11.00am (next day)
Cost: Adult: $181.90 / Child (5 – 12 years): $155.15
Sleep with the Beasts campers will experience the Spineless Wonders Behind-the-Scenes Tour, which takes them through the breeding complex of Fragile Forest. Learn about how invertebrates are bred and cared for in the park, and the key roles they play in the ecosystem. Brave participants can even pet a stick insect or a hissing cockroach. The party only starts when the sun sets, where the campers will sing and dance into the night with games and activities around a blazing campfire. Ideal for nostalgic parents wanting to relive their past camping days and hoping for their kids to experience the same.


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Camp Fest

Start date: 25/11/17 0:00
End date: 10/12/17 23:59

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