Baby Yoga Fridays “Joeys” Class – 18th May

Baby Yoga Fridays
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Baby Yoga Fridays with Kanga Kids Yoga is back!

Kanga Kids Baby Yoga “Joeys” provides a time for bonding, stimulation and relaxation for mother and baby. Each lesson is tailored to meet the needs and development for little ones’ milestones through a range of safe baby yoga exercises. Music and singing features in each lesson to relax babies and release any tension; and interactive games are also featured to provide a fun and stimulating experience for both mother and child.

* “Joeys” Class is suitable for babies from 3months to early-crawling stage

Event Information

Baby Yoga Fridays “Joeys” Class – 18th May

Start date: 18/5/18 11:00
End date: 18/5/18 12:00

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