Baby Elephant’s First Day Out at the Night Safari

Baby Elephant Night Safari
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The Night Safari’s first baby elephant in six years made her public debut on 28 June 2016.

Born to Chawang, Night Safari’s four-ton male Asian elephant, and Sri Nandong, the yet-to-be named female calf is two months old.

She was born on 12 May this year when mummy Sri Nandong had only been pregnant for 19 months. The usual gestation time for elephants is closer to 22 months.

Since then the baby girl has grown steadily with her weight increasing to 210 kg from 149 kg.

The baby elephant is an avid fan of all things wet and loves splashing around in her play pool.

Keepers are waiting a few more months for her personality to fully develop before choosing a suitable name to reflect her character.

Visitors to the Night Safari can view little elephant as part of the Night Safari’s tram experience.

Baby Elephant Night Safari

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