Aviva Superfundae 2019

Aviva Superfundae 2019
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Calling families of all ages and sizes, Aviva Superfundae, the country’s largest family-friendly “fun-nival” of its kind, returns on 15 June 2019!

Put aside your phones and electronics – Aviva Superfundae brings you a day of classic-meets-new, nonstop family fun! More than 30 new and ‘old school’ games and activities await the young (and the young at heart) who set foot at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay for Singapore’s largest family playdate. Three play elements – Connective Play, Active Play and Creative Play – combine structured and free play to enrich children’s memory formation and learning. Get your pulses racing as you explore five themed fun zones – Circus Centre, Speedy Zone, Dream Castle, Pirate Island and Jungle World – together!

1) Tug-of-Four competition: Heave-ho, heave-ho! Show us how strong your family ties are! Drop by for a special tug-of-war family challenge and competition at one of three challenge times: 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 5.30pm

2) Whack-A-Mole: Destress together as you pop up and down through different openings in this life size Whack-A-Mole, all the while trying to avoid getting – holey moley! – whacked on the head with an inflatable mallet.

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3) Mega Hungry Hippo: Parents, relive this classic childhood together with your kids! Gear up as a parent-child pair for an adrenaline rush at this watering hole. Satisfy your hunger by capturing as much food as you can!

4) Wheelbarrow race: Commandeer your own barrow and fill it up with treasures! (Here’s a secret: Kids, you’re parents’ greatest treasures)

5) Donut Dash: Dragging your kids – out of bed, to school, to the dentist – can be a struggle, but parents, this is one race that your kids will absolutely love being dragged around for. Donut miss out!

6) Daddy Mummy Cartwheel Race: No one said parents can’t have fun! Daddies and mummies, now it’s your turn to take a spin at fun with our parents-only cartwheel race!

Event Information

Aviva Superfundae 2019

Start date: 15/6/19 0:00
End date: 15/6/19 23:59

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