Arts In Your Neighbourhood – November 2018

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The arts don’t just happen in the theatres, on concert stages or in black boxes. Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) brings fun and enriching arts experiences right to your doorstep!

This November, we travel to northern Singapore to rediscover the neighbourhood of Woodlands, with activities happening from 8 to 25 November 2018. Other activities will also be happening at 18 locations across the island including Bedok Town Square, Our Tampines Hub, Ang Mo Kio Central Stage and Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium.

Audiences will be treated to a delightful line-up of close to 70 arts and cultural activities, ranging from dance, music and theatrical performances, to interactive visual art installations and hands-on activities.


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Placing Home: Woodlands

8 – 25 Nov

AYN Placing Home

Placing Home: Woodlands is a public art project that explores ideas of home and movement within Woodlands, a pivotal town connecting Singapore to Johor Bahru.
It presents 5 artworks in the neighbourhood that invite all to look at our surroundings with a fresh perspective and ask questions about the world in which we live.

Visit for more information and to sign up for
interactive workshops with the artists.


The Rubbish Prince

A Community Action Puppet Theatre Project
Admiralty Park – 17 Nov, 6pm & 7:30pm
Fu Shan Garden – 18 Nov, 6pm & 7:30pm
Woodlands Crescent Park – 24 Nov, 6pm & 7:30pm
Woodlands Waterfront Park (Playground) – 25 Nov, 6pm & 7:30pm
*Fringe activities at all locations from 5pm to 6pm

AYN Rubbish Prince

Follow the journey of the Rubbish Prince, a 3.5-metre tall puppet made up of clean recyclables. Given a new lease of life from the recycling process, he leaps back into the neighbourhood accompanied by some of his best friends. Join them on their quest to rescue a fellow puppet character from the effects of non-recyclable waste!

Come participate in the pre-show art installation activity and immerse in the interactive show with eye-catching puppets and mesmerising music.


Jumbo Fabrica

Hands-on Furniture Upcycling Session/ Installation
19 – 25 Nov, 11am – 6pm
Kampung Admiralty Community Plaza

24 & 25 Nov, 4pm – 7pm
Every 30mins, capped at 25 participants each

AYN Jumbo Fabrica

Jumbo Fabrica is a curated multi-tiered event taking us into the heart of Woodlands, Singapore’s beloved northern district.

With many jumbo flats in Woodlands resulting in furniture being passed down through generations, old furniture pieces and the stories of past owners, become the source of inspiration for Jumbo Fabrica. Residents and visitors can join in to learn about the stories
and participate in upcycling stations at various void decks to rejuvenate something old into something new.

Jumbo Fabrica culminates in an exciting walking trail where participants discover Woodlands on foot and arrive at 3 stations planned within the trail. Armed with audio guides, participants listen to audio performances inspired by the residents’ stories, and are
treated to live performances at each station.

Register for the walking trails at


Woodlands Memory Capsules

8 – 25 Nov
NTUC Foodfare @ Kampung Admiralty | 888 Plaza | Vista Point

AYN Woodlands Memory Capsule
Designed and situated at three locations in Woodlands are Memory Capsules gachapon machines containing five different types of capsules. Each capsule contains a little item that commemorates a part of Woodlands, as well as a write-up on the memories and wonders of
the neighbourhood by local writer Chen Xinda.

Each capsule is priced at $1.

Collect all five capsule designs and redeem a limited edition Arts in Your Neighbourhood tote bag at any AYN programme!


Musical Notes

Mapletree Business City (Plaza) – 8 Nov, 12:30pm
Asia Square (The Cube) – 9 Nov, 12:30pm
Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza) – 10 Nov, 5pm & 7.30pm
Bedok Town Square – 11 Nov, 5pm & 7.30pm

AYN Musical Notes

Three black and white characters on stilts walk down a street. They approach and whisper musical secrets to members of the audience. From their unique musical instruments, they broadcast different melodies and begin to dance. Both funny and moving, these quirky characters lead the audience in their musical fantasies.


The Four Flavours of Life

10 Nov, 5pm & 7pm
Bedok Town Square

AYN 4 Flavours of Life TENG credit Ejun Low
Photo: Ejun Low

The Four Flavours of Life is a new series of 4 exciting musical works inspired by a common
Chinese saying that describes the multifaceted intricacies of life. It draws references from themes of parting and longing, happiness and sadness, desolation and solemnness, strife and peace. Performed in collaboration with Lee Wushu Arts Theatre from Malaysia.


Puppets From Around the World

9 Nov, 7pm
Bedok Town Square

AYN Puppets from Around the World

Experience a range of puppetry styles from around the world!


Awang Batil

Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza) – 10 Nov, 2pm & 6pm
Bedok Town Square – 17 Nov, 2pm & 5pm

AYN Awang Batil

Be transported to the paddy fields of Kedah, Perlis and Kelantan, where penglipur lara, storytellers of old, recount ancient folklore and tales after the harvest.

Teater KAMi’s Awang Batil brings to life forgotten Malay folklore like Pak Pandir, Pak Kaduk, and Lebai Malang. These stories are well known for their sharp satire and values, and will be presented via direct narration, dialogues between the caricature characters, and choral singing.

Programme is in Malay with English surtitles.


Joe Hisaishi for Studio Ghibli: A Complete Retrospective

Yishun Town Plaza – 10 Nov, 7pm
Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza) – 11 Nov, 7pm
Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium – 18 Nov, 7pm

AYN Joe Hisaishi Orchestra Collective

Experience what makes Joe Hisaishi’s music for Studio Ghibli so special as Orchestra Collective presents a complete cycle of soundtrack arrangements over 3 performances in 3 different locations across Singapore. Expect to hear music from familiar favourites such as My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, and Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.


When We Get Together

Bedok Town Square – 11 Nov, 6pm
Ang Mo Kio Central Stage – 16 Nov, 7pm
Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium – 17 Nov, 6pm

AYN When We Get Together

Experience the beauty of diversity when 5 musicians with unique instruments get together to play music! In this fun game-like interactive performance, the audience is invited to take control of the music. Make a musician play as a soloist, or discover the sound of different instruments coming together. What happens when all musicians start playing together, or all stop at the same time? It’s up to you to decide!


Sing, SCO!

17 Nov, 6pm
West Coast Park (Grand Lawn)


Sing along with Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) as they perform your favourite Xinyao tunes, including songs from the 1990s, songs by Singapore singer-songwriters Liang Wern Fook, Lee Wei Song, Lee Si Song and more!


Rama & Sita and Badang, The Strong Man

Ang Mo Kio Central Stage – 18 Nov, 6pm
888 Plaza – 24 Nov, 6pm

AYN Rama Sita

Rama & Sita is an epic love story re-enacted through fluid Bharatanatyam dance and movement, with a combination of storytelling and dramatisation to traditional Indian music.
Badang, The Strong Man is a legendary folk tale from Temasek (old Singapore), about the hero Badang as he struggles with being born thin and weak. It will be performed to traditional Malay music with a mix of storytelling, dramatisation, movement and dance.


Dimensions of Dialogue

Ang Mo Kio Central Stage – 17 Nov, 7pm
Bedok Town Square – 24 Nov, 7pm

AYN Dimensions of Dialogue
Photo: Justin Koh

Experience a spontaneous and playful dialogue through sound and movement!

Just like a conversation often involves different tones and emotions, this contemporary dance performance captures the different moods and dimensions in a dialogue – friendliness, anger, intimacy, boldness, heaviness, openness and much more.

Visit for full event listings and the programme brochure.


Event Information

Arts In Your Neighbourhood – November 2018

Start date: 8/11/18 0:00
End date: 25/11/18 23:59

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