Artist-led Workshop: Wood You Dance Twig Me?

Car-Free Sunday SG 25-27 Oct 2019
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Hideaways – Creating with Nature’s Creative Director Jeremy Chu has brought together some of Singapore’s most inventive artists to provide this multi-disciplinary programme. These workshops explore the themes of ‘Hideaways – Creating with Nature’ in depth and in different ways through these workshops led by special creators experienced in working with nature.

On 12 June, join artist collective ‘Strangeweather Movement Group’ at this exciting dance workshop!

This unbe-leaf-ably fun workshop gets children to stand up, shake it out and move it all around! They wil play movement games that help them discover the structure and balance of their bodies. With the help of music and props of natural materials, children will enjoy dancing solo and also with each other. If weather permits, the fun extends outdoors with more movement exploration on the Playazza just outside the Children’s Centre for Creativity.

For ages 7 to 12.

Ticket Price: $32 per child

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Event Information

Artist-led Workshop: Wood You Dance Twig Me?

Start date: 12/6/16 10:30
End date: 12/6/16 12:30

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