Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge 2021: Take Part In Immersive Robotic-Themed Workshops

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge 2021
Image: Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge
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From now till 31 August, Amazon Singapore will be holding their Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge, a complimentary, virtual learning experience curated to develop children’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and spark interest in STEM through immersive robot activities and games.

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge
Image: Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

The Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge consists of two parts: the Onboarding Introductory Programme which is open to primary (9 to 12 years old) and secondary school students (13 to 16 years old), as well as a CoderZ Coding Challenge, an online competition. Students keen to participate in the onboarding workshop need not have any prior experience.

Through the Challenge, interested students can attend the onboarding workshops hosted virtually and learn skills through a series of interesting tasks. One of the tasks that participants will need to do is code an Amazon Hercules robot, to deliver a friend’s birthday present within an allotted time.

As they digitally navigate through Amazon’s fulfilment centre during the robotics game, they will discover how Amazon uses computer science daily to fulfil customer orders and witness how coding is applied in real life.

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National Robotics Competition

National Robotics CompetitionThe Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge is a lead up to the National Robotics Competition which is scheduled to take place this September. Participants of the challenge can put the knowledge of computer science and coding learnt during the challenge to the test.

To register for the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge, click the link here.