Affordable Art Fair 2018

Affordable Art Fair 2018
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The Singapore fair returns from 16 – 18 November 2018, where over 80 local, regional and international galleries will delight both first time buyers and experienced collectors with fresh, affordable contemporary art.

Affordable Art Fair Singapore is a fun day out for art-lovers of all ages. Bring your family and friends along and enjoy creative workshops, inspirational talks, and arty installations designed to explore and develop creativity.

Family-friendly programmes include:

– Children’s Art Studio by Art Wonderland
Visit the Children’s Art Studio where your little ones can explore the wonders of ‘The World Within Us’ and discover how our bodies are composed of different colours, textures, shapes and patterns. There are both free of charge workshops and extended paid-for workshops (booking essential!) on this fascinating subject. Alongside the workshops, the Children’s Art Studio will house an interactive installation that will portray the complex world within our bodies creative and whimsical arrangements of forms, shapes and colours.

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– Cells at Work (free workshops)
Join Art Wonderland for a free drop-in session, perfect for kids of all ages (yes we’re talking about you Mum and Dad). Explore how cells work in our bodies through creative expression.

– Cell Portrait (paid workshops)
A small group workshop designed to inspire your little ones! Starting with a 15 minute educational tour around the fair, your mini-Picasso will then be engaged in a tactile art making session to create a whimsical artwork inspired by the installation within the Children’s Art Studio. Learn how to create a marbling effect on canvas, get your fingers busy with clay, sequins, crepe paper and take home their one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Tickets are priced at $15 per person and last 75 minutes, inclusive of the tour and workshop.

– Lion’s Pride Painting Workshops
Join us at the Lion’s Pride – Art from the Heart workshops, in support of President’s Challenge, supporting their worthwhile cause while encouraging creativity of visitors to the fair. Led by Lion’s Pride founder, artist Diana Francis, in these exciting creative workshops you will be able to express your own creativity, which all visitors to the fair will be sure to enjoy.

– Mindfulness with Gabby Malpas – Colouring Workshop
Artist Gabby Malpas from Utterly Art invites visitors to a mindfulness colouring workshop where you can enjoy the inner peace brought by colouring pictures and patterns.


Event Information

Affordable Art Fair 2018

Start date: 16/11/18 0:00
End date: 18/11/18 23:59

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