A World Full of Stories

A World Full of Stories
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Playeum’s hands-on exhibition is designed for children aged 1 to 12 visiting with their schools and families. The exhibition will provide unique environments and installations, within which children can create their own stories.

A World Full of Stories will feed children’s imaginations, promote creative literacy, encourage social and emotional development, celebrate speech, language and drama, and offer unrivalled opportunities for story-building and performance.

Find out more about the different spaces here:

Cube-shaped structures will provide multiple surfaces and opportunities for story-making, including imagining fantasy characters, creating new narratives, cozying up in the animal den and enjoying the book corner, crammed full of the world’s best story books for children.

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Play ‘being at sea’ on a bamboo and rope raft with a flag-flying mast and rudder for steering! The nautical theme continues on the walls around the raft, where children can craft their own sea creature to create a magical marine environment.


It’s puppet time! Using found and recycled materials, create your own hand-puppets, finger puppets, spoon puppets or others, and then use it in a puppet show. You can also work as a team to produce accompanying sounds to the show and to change the lighting, simultaneously watching your show on a screen.


Enjoy role play in these immersive, multi-sensory caves. In the Listen and Speak cave, experiment with sound tubes, speaking cups, and voice-distortion mechanisms, all built into the fabric of the structure. In the Look and Touch cave, revel in a magical, luminous environment and play with props to create your own alchemic story.


What better way to enjoy stories than through listening to some of Singapore’s finest storytellers? The Dark Space will showcase a specially commissioned storytelling film, where each of the five storytellers will be orating a story from a specific culture. Played on a loop, enjoy 30 minutes of this rich, oral art-form, within a magical space lit up with quietly glowing story icons and motifs on the surrounding walls and ceiling.

For more information, visit http://www.playeum.com/stories.

Event Information

A World Full of Stories

Start date: 15/11/16 10:00
End date: 30/4/17 18:00

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