5 Uniquely Singaporean Gifts – Small Enough to Hang on Your Christmas Tree or Mail to A Friend

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If you’re shopping for a unique gift or would like to get some mementoes for friends overseas, you’ll be pleased to know that we do have a collection of Singaporean gifts.

Little Day Out shopped around for some unique items that are small enough to hang on your Christmas tree or mail to your friends overseas as gifts, and are perfect for our young ones to learn about our heritage.

These items are mostly available online, but we suggest you bring your kids together with you on this shopping trip and make it a very uniquely Singaporean little day out!

Samsui Bookmark1. Samsui Women Collection – Bookmark

What: In the early 20th century, Samsui Women from the Samsui county in Guangzhou province of Southern China travelled to Singapore to work in the construction industry. They are widely recognised by their signature black outfits and red headgear. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Banyan Tree started The Heritage Collection – a locally hand-stitched collection celebrating the iconic Samsui women who contributed to Singapore’s development. The Samsui Women Collection is a collaboration between special needs groups and Banyan Tree.

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Where: Visit the shop at National Museum of Singapore or shop online at www.museumshop.com.sg

How Much: $8

2. Five Stone Necklace

What: Graphic Designers Liu Zhaojun and Tan Li Ling got together to pay tribute to a childhood that is so different from today’s mobile and screen-led devices for kids. You can find nostalgic items ranging from necklaces fashioned from Five Stones and jotter book plushies, to notebooks and canvas tote bags featuring old-school treats with Chinese characters and hanyu pinyin.

Where: Shop online at wheniwasfour.com and FARM Store, or visit The Little Drom Store at 7 Ann Siang Hill, Books Actually at 9 Yong Siak Street, UAOF Store at 30 Haji Lane, Overjoyed Bookstore at Golden Wall Centre 89 Short Street #B1-08, Supermama at 30A Seah Street, Shinnpark at Central 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-43,  Rococco Kent at 753 North Bridge Road #02-02, Manicurious at 41 Beach Road, CrazyWorld Café at 24 Temple Street and Modern Asian Diner Restaurant at The Grandstand 200 Turf Club Road.

How much: $25

Zhang Five Stones3. Bak Chang Five Stones

What: This is another interpretation of the traditional Five Stones game, played with tiny, rice- or bean-filled cloth bags and is part of the Great Singapore Souvenirs collection. Bak Chang Five Stones come with pink raffia strings tied around them to mimic the triangular shaped rice dumplings. If it’s too precious to untie these for a game of tossing these cloth bags into the air and trying to catch them before they touch the ground, you can buy loose ones too in a bottle.

Where: Visit National Museum Singapore or shop online at FARM Store

How much: $12

4. Plush Dolls

What: Familiar characters such as The Samsui Woman, Ma Jie, Kopi Uncle and Towkay have been turned into a set of plush dolls by the Chinatown Business Association. Each is handmade by elderly folks at the Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centre who help dry the beansprout husk fillings and sew the dolls.

Where: Chinatown Visitor Centre at Kreta Ayer Square just behind the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

How much: $16 each

Kueh Tutu5. Kueh Tutu Erasers

What: This is the popular kueh (traditional snack made of rice flour and filled with coconut or peanut) that is steamed and sold on food pushcarts. They have now been memorialised into usable erasers.

Where: Visit the shop at the Singapore Art Museum or shop online at Farm Store

How much: $10 for a box set of four, or $2 for one piece

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