2219: Futures Imagined at ArtScience Museum

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Step into 2219: Futures Imagined and explore how our world might change over the next 200 years in a major exhibition developed by ArtScience Museum, as part of the Singapore Bicentennial commemoration.

This immersive and experiential exhibition is a journey into imaginary future worlds, featuring over two dozen artists, architects, filmmakers, writers and theatre companies from Singapore and around the world.

2219: Futures Imagined – Looking Ahead

2219: Futures Imagined explores the 200 years between now and 2219 – the year Singapore will commemorate its Quadricentennial.

Laid out in five Acts, the exhibition places visitors in scenarios that explore how our future lives may be impacted by climate change and loss of the planet’s biodiversity. The exhibition provides a contemplative space for visitors to consider the global context that Singapore is part of, and how larger environmental forces will impact our home.

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Participants contributing to the exhibition will present artworks and environments that convey a future which contains many familiar aspects of Singapore today. These provide a lens which can be used to examine Singapore and the city of tomorrow.

The exhibition will include graphics and films depicting scenarios for Singapore’s future – such as the development of green-buildings and the expansion of vertical farms. It is a reflection of Singapore’s never-ending process of preparing for the future.

Five Acts at the ArtScience Museum to Echo the Singapore Bicentennial Experience

The exhibition is organised into five Acts, echoing the structure of From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience, at Fort Canning. Each Act aims to immerse visitors in settings which show how life may be impacted by changes in the Earth’s environment. The five Acts explore how Singapore’s society, culture and traditions may evolve when faced with global changes.

Act I examines worldwide transformations at a macro level. This includes the impact of environmental degradation – desertification in some places, flooding in others – as visitors transition from 2019 into the world of the future.

In Act II, visitors will step into a possible future located in a public housing apartment set in the middle of the 21st century. The apartment enables visitors to experience the lived consequences of climate change, showing how Singaporeans may adapt to a changing environment.

Act III explores a possible new subterranean world, created by the necessity to migrate underground. The centrepiece is a detailed speculative architectural proposal for a large-scale underground living environment. Singapore’s mastery of critical infrastructure is highlighted, suggesting that the island-state is well-placed to adjust to such a dramatic change.

Act IV features an immersive installation that aims to evoke a sense of urgency, encouraging us to take steps towards environmental conservation to protect all our futures. Visitors to 2219: Futures Imagined are invited to take part in a piece of participatory theatre. This work explores a future in which the oceans have adapted to support certain marine life.

Act V, meditates on how cultures and traditions persevere, suggesting it is through collective memories and shared customs, that we will be able to create the links between the past, present and future.

Tickets go on sale from 1 November 2019.

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Event Information

2219: Futures Imagined at ArtScience Museum

Start date: 23/11/19 0:00
End date: 5/4/20 23:59

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